We are very proud and excited to have Challenger Industries, the oldest family-owned manufacturer in North America, partner with Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) Synthetic Grass.

The Challenger artificial grass family consists over 90 full-time employees. In addition, our partnership includes a dedicated team to service the Okanagan Perfect Turf brand.

We proudly serve all areas throughout Interior BC.

Service areas include:
  • Kelowna,
  • Penticton,
  • Osoyoos,
  • Vernon,
  • Oliver,
  • Peachland,
  • Summerland,
  • Okanagan Falls,
  • the Shuswap Lake community,
  • Salmon Arm,
  • Scotch Creek,
  • Blind Bay,
  • Chase,
  • Kamloops,
  • Princeton,
  • Keremeos,
  • Lake Country,
  • Cranbrook,
  • Kimberley,
  • Invermere,
  • Golden,
  • Revelstoke,
  • throughout Interior BC

Best Manufacturing Facility In The Industry

Challenger’s new manufacturing facility is located in Dalton, Georgia. Therefore, all of Perfect Turf Okanagan’s synthetic grass is 100% North American-made.

There are many reasons their facility is best-in-class:

  • Firstly, the facility is the largest, state-of-the art synthetic turf manufacturing centre in North America.
  • Secondly, it spans 26 acres and includes a 250,000 square foot factory.
  • Thirdly, their new high-speed tufting machines use the latest-and-greatest backing systems available worldwide.
  • Finally, they always have high inventory levels of synthetic grass on hand.

As a result, they’re able to meet the growing demands of Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) and our valued customers.

Challenger is committed to bringing ongoing value to the OPT team. They achieve this by:

  • continually expanding their product line,
  • continued investments in Research and Development,
  • providing the best new yarn and backings systems in the business,
  • ensuring stringent quality controls that meet and exceed our customers’ high standards.

Above: here is just a few of our quality Artificial Grass products. We always have the ‘Perfect Turf’ for all of your Synthetic Grass needs.

Our eco-friendly synthetic turf carries a 10 year product/UV warranty!

There are many reasons to choose OPT Synthetic Grass. Firstly, OPT offers extremely durable artificial grass with the most natural look-and-feel in the industry. Second, our synthetic grass is environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. Third, it’s a perfect aesthetic choice that will withstand time. Finally, it performs perfectly, even in the most extreme conditions.

Most importantly, it’s backed by warranty, so, make sure to inquire about our industry-leading, extended product and workmanship warranties.


Your lawn will look perfect year-round because of OPT’s top-performing synthetic grass.

OPT Synthetic Grass:

  • never requires water,
  • doesn’t need to be mowed,
  • eliminates the use of fertilizer,
  • saves you time and thousands of dollars,
  • is incredibly durable,
  • is designed to perform in dry and wet, cold and hot climates,
  • fits perfectly for the Okanagan’s range in weather,
  • is great for high traffic lawn areas,
  • is the best solution for areas that are difficult to maintain, like slopes and hillsides.

OPT Artificial Grass always looks awesome and stays completely green year-round. Similarly, it doesn’t require additional labour or ongoing expense. Therefore, when deciding the best solution for your lawn, go with OPT Artificial Grass.

We are the best in the business because of our vast range of synthetic grasses and precise installation techniques. So, you can be sure you’ll get an amazing result. Thanks to your awesome new lawn, you’ll be the envy of your neighbours for years to come.


Our playground and daycare artificial grass products are great for:

  • daycare centres,
  • residential areas,
  • church play areas,
  • school and municipal playgrounds,
  • parks,
  • and, outdoor swimming facilities.

Our OPT Synthetic Grass leaves you with cleaner and safer play areas because there won’t be tracked-in mud.

Other benefits of OPT Synthetic Grass include:

  • no watering, mowing or mulching ever again;
  • no need to use toxic pesticides;
  • elimination of ongoing costly maintenance and upkeep;
  • ease of cleaning — simply wait for it to rain;
  • durability;
  • and, because it’s non-organic, bugs, pests and insects aren’t around when it’s time to go out and play!

Because safety is the utmost importance, OPT synthetic playground grass is designed with that in mind. Most importantly, our Artificial Grass is more uniform in height than natural grass or mulch. Therefore, it exceeds the safety standard of real grass and is the best choice for children. We are able to install a high-performance safety padding underneath, which, as a result, is much safer than natural grass. So you’re ensured the highest level of safety, our experts help you choose the proper synthetic turf and installation techniques.

In conclusion, OPT playground grass is amazing because it’s the most eco-friendly and highest quality playground turf for all play areas.

Let us help you choose the best turf for your daycare or play area.


Making the right Synthetic Turf choice can be difficult when it’s for our beloved dogs and pets. Therefore, OPT only installs the highest quality, lead-free synthetic turf grass. As a result, your lawn is always clean, lush and green, and is completely family, doggie and pet-friendly. Finally, switching to synthetic grass is safer because you won’t need to use any kind of chemicals.

Our top quality artificial grass for dogs, cats, and all other household pets is the perfect choice for:

  • pet boarding facilities,
  • doggie daycare,
  • groomers,
  • veterinarian clinics,
  • dog parks
  • and, residential front and backyards.

OPT Artificial Grass is strong and incredibly durable. Likewise, it is completely resistant to digging, chewing and scratching. Because of this, our synthetic turf will break the habit of digging, chewing and scratching!

OPT Synthetic Grass is the best artificial pet grass because it performs perfectly against destruction. Above all, it’s designed to look and feel natural so you’ll be confident both you and your dog will love your new OPT artificial turf.

Finally, Cleaning after your pet is easy because you simply pick up the lumps and then rinse away any loose stools or residue. For more thorough cleaning and disinfecting, we use Refresh. Refresh consists of 100% colony-forming bacteria that does not use enzymes and chemically destroys all odours by digesting the harmful bacteria. Because of this, your lawn will always smell and look great. Although Refresh was specifically developed for pet owners, it may also be used in virtually any area where odours are not welcome. Because this product continues to work for a long time after it’s applied, you can dilute and spray it directly on your synthetic grass to keep it smelling clean and fresh.

For more information and to purchase Refresh please contact Okanagan Perfect Turf.


Advanced engineering is used to develop all of our OPT Sports Grasses. Because it’s designed for maximum durability, high performance, and to look-and-feel natural, it’s the perfect choice for sports grass installations.

Our sports and recreational turf Synthetic Grass is ideal for sports like:

  • lacrosse,
  • softball,
  • football,
  • baseball,
  • tennis,
  • soccer,
  • field hockey,
  • rugby
  • all cross training,
  • and, multi-use recreational applications.

OPT Synthetic Turf has many great options so you’ll always get realistic performance and longevity. No matter what the sport or activity is, we have the right Artificial Grass Sports Turf product for you!


There are many reasons to get an OPT synthetic putting and golf green!

Firstly, all our Putting and Golf Green Turf replicates natural golf greens from recreational and professional playing golf courses.

Secondly, our Putting Green Synthetic Turf is made from the most durable, all-season (any weather) materials.

Thirdly, we’ve designed our synthetic turf products to replicate professional golf greens and for practicing putting in a controlled environment. Consequently, you get all the advantages, without the burden of real-grass ongoing maintenance.

Finally, our exclusive, unique Duraflo E.E.B.S. backing consists of polypropylene slit film yarn. This product is rated first-in-its-class for replicating a bent grass look, feel and performance.

For additional information, contact us.

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