Artificial Turf for Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Bocce and More…

We build Indoor or Outdoor Athletic Surfaces and Sports Fields

It is often a huge challenge to schedule activities on a real grass field

The re-growth or recovery time and maintenance requirements can be very costly and inconsistent.

However, with Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) Athletic Surfaces and Sports Fields, you are able to schedule multiple activities and events easily. As a result, you are always ready for any event.

Similarly, with OPT artificial turf athletic field, you eliminate the maintenance; upkeep and expense of operating multiple fields because JUST ONE FIELD DOES IT ALL!

Our applications are perfect for:

  • Softball,
  • baseball,
  • field hockey,
  • football,
  • soccer,
  • lacrosse,
  • track and field,
  • band practice,
  • and so much more!

Durability and Performance

On average a real grass field will start showing wear and tear at about 100 hours of event use.  Because there is more use, the natural grass field turns to a natural dirt field at about 140 hours.

In addition, maintenance costs for keeping a natural turf field in playable condition can be as much as $30,000 per year. This is due to watering, cutting, seeding, re-sodding, chemicals, fertilizer and other general labour.

Regardless of time and money spent maintaining a real grass field, it doesn’t take long to realize your expensive natural grass field has turned into a very expensive dirt and mud field from over-use.

In comparison, an Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) synthetic athletic turf surface can endure more than 500 event-hours, each year. In addition, it will handle all your practice time. Finally, there is no limit to the activities it will accommodate.

Most importantly, only ONE Okanagan Perfect Turf synthetic turf field equals the same usage time and field inventory as 4 or 5 real grass fields!

Lastly, its long-term cost and cost per event are extremely low when compared to natural turf fields. In addition, there are minimal maintenance costs per year, making it a far superior choice to natural grass for sports complexes.

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