Artificial Grass Installations for Retail, Commercial and Public Landscaping

Synthetic Grass Reduces Operating Costs, Adds Value and Increases Curb Appeal…

Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) artificial turf lawns, synthetic golf and artificial golf putting greens can be installed in your commercial building!  The benefits are endless when you install one of our synthetic turf putting greens for your commercial area, suitable for rooftops, campuses and office complexes.  It’s a great way for students and employees alike to reduce stress on their lunch breaks.  Additionally, it’s a wise investment within your business and your community center that is sure to add value to your property and significantly decrease the cost of maintenance.

OPT artificial turf grass can be installed in colleges, schools, offices, playgrounds, apartment complexes and a variety of other commercial facilities.  For more ideas please feel free to scroll through our gallery of commercial project pictures!

Installing Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) synthetic grass or putting golf green makes good sense environmentally; equally as important it can have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line saving money and increasing share value!  In most cases business owners who install a synthetic grass lawn or adornment results in substantially decreased operating costs, even when adding in the standard expense of installation and design.

With Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) Artificial Grass your business landscape will literally pop with green and warmth all year round, creating a more inviting environment for your employees that may have a potential impact on sustaining and growing your business clientele as well.