Daycare and Playground Synthetic Grass in B.C. Interior

Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) Daycare and Playground Synthetic Grass Surfaces Are Customized

At OPT, we know that playground synthetic grass play areas see an extreme amount of foot traffic.

For that reason, we only use products that are safe, durable and beautiful in all conditions. Above all else, we strive to outperform the aggressive treatment of play areas, while making sure the grass is safe and natural-looking.

For instance, we know that kindergarteners can be as aggressive as the professional athletes. Therefore, our specialist team is made up of amateur and professional athletes who understand rigorous playing conditions.

In short, we deliver and build playgrounds that perform at the highest level, stay green and always look great!

Okanagan Perfect Turf Daycare and Playground Synthetic Grass Surfaces Measure Up To Safety Standards

First of all, our artificial grass installation methods and high-quality proprietary materials make our synthetic turf built to last. Therefore, you can be sure your daycare and playground synthetic grass will always perform.

Secondly, our artificial turf surfaces are cleaner and safer than natural grass. As a result, children and athletes of all ages are less likely to be injured. In addition, the materials used to make our turf are safe and durable. Furthermore, unlike real grass, synthetic grass doesn’t cause common allergic reactions.

Finally, because there’s no mowing, watering and little to no maintenance, you’ll be able to completely focus on fun.

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