Synthetic Grass for Daycares & Playgrounds in B.C. Interior

Daycare and Playground play surfaces see an extreme amount of foot traffic every day!  They truly realize the greatest test for measuring up against aggressive treatment in all types of conditions. Okanagan Perfect Turf’s synthetic grass team of specialists includes amateur and professional athletes who understand the rigorous playing conditions that may occur at all levels of play. We know that even kindergartners can be as aggressive as the pros so we will deliver and build playing fields and playgrounds that perform at the highest level, stay green and always look great!

Okanagan Perfect Turf artificial grass installation methodologies and proprietary materials used make our synthetic turf surfaces built to last no matter if the conditions are wet, dry, hot or cold.  Simply put, our artificial turf surfaces present a cleaner, safer environment than natural grass ensuring children and athletes of all ages are less likely to be inured.  And the best part is, there’s little to no maintenance required!