Artificial Grass Lawns for Okanagan Climate

Just imagine how great it would be to never water, fertilize or mow your lawn again. Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) Synthetic Grass helps make that dream a reality. As a result, you’ll be the envy of your neighbourhood, in addition to being a steward of the environment. Most importantly, an artificial grass lawn will always be easier, cleaner and greener, than natural grass.

Considerations For Choosing Your Synthetic Grass Dealer

Synthetic grass has changed how we think about landscapes and lawns because they’re easy to maintain. However, not all artificial turf is created equal. So, be sure to do your research and choose the right synthetic turf company and grass for the job.

Firstly, make sure to choose a company with industry longevity. Secondly, make sure the company uses superior North American-made materials to create a synthetic grass with the texture and appearance of real grass. Thirdly, ensure the product is designed to withstand extreme temperatures in hot, cold, wet and dry climates. Fourth, make sure it literally ‘stands up’ to even the heaviest foot traffic.

Finally, choose a company that is experienced and well trained in design and installation, even for the most challenging terrain. Likewise, ensure they consider every finite detail is installed to perfection.

Okanagan Perfect Turf Synthetic Grass Always Delivers

Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) will always deliver the highest level of experience and expertise. As a result, your home improvement project will be aesthetically pleasing and virtually maintenance-free. Likewise, your new synthetic lawn will save you personal time to enjoy your hobbies and thousands of dollars in maintenance. In addition, our product and workmanship warranty gives you confidence and peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision!

Okanagan Perfect Turf (OPT) Synthetic Grass is also a great choice for commercial clients because costs for natural lawn maintenance continue to climb, whether you hire a contractor or pay an employee.  Similarly, inferior maintenance tactics, poor watering equipment and sprinkler system management and natural grass is onerous and more costly. Therefore, OPT synthetic grass lawn is a viable, cost-effective choice that will pay for itself in about three to five years.

Also, the landscaping at many businesses is unattractive, dirty, or simply dull and boring. As a result, the business’ reputation is negatively affected. With OPT Artificial Grass, your business landscape will pop with green and warmth year-round. Consequently, your business will have a more inviting environment that can help you grow.

Key Benefits

No More Mowing

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation estimated a typical gas-propelled grass mower emits as much air pollution each year as a car driven halfway across the country. Therefore, cutting down on mowing is great for reducing pollution, in addition to cutting down on your maintenance time.

No More Watering

Environment Canada estimates an average homeowner uses 14,000 litres of water each year for irrigating their lawn. Therefore, cutting down on watering is great for the environment.

No More Fertilizing

As estimated by Environment Canada, an average residential homeowner sprayed 46 pounds of pesticides on their lawn in the form of fertilizers and weed control every year. Consequently, a synthetic grass lawn greatly reduces your toxic product use.

No More Expensive Water Bills

Water prices are increasing every year, which results in even more savings for the homeowner.

No More Costly Maintenance Bills

The cost to hire professionals for lawn care maintenance can be extremely high for both business and residential owners, with expenses averaging between $2,000 to $10,000 each year. However, in comparison, maintenance for synthetic grass lawns are extremely low.


If you’re a ‘Do It Yourself’ homeowner you may already know the cost of an irrigation system, pesticides to control weeds, fertilizer, lawn mowers, gas, aeration and water usage costs can add up to over $2,000 annually. Not to mention the hundreds of lost personal hours you could have been enjoying your hobbies during the few warm months of the year.

No Dull, Brown Grass or Dead Patches

It takes a lot of hard work to maintain a green, lush lawn for three months of the year.  Typically in the BC interior we are only covered with snow two months of the year. Therefore, we are stuck looking at dead, patchy, dull, brown grass for a minimum of seven months. With artificial grass, there will be no dead patches or dull, brown grass to look. Instead, you’ll have perfect, green synthetic grass that will look beautiful 12 months of the year!

No More Muddy Paws or Ransacked Lawns

If you’re a dog owner you already know it’s virtually impossible to maintain a healthy, green grass lawn. With artificial grass, your lawn will always look perfect because the pet waste will not kill or discolour your synthetic grass. Finally, there will be no more muddy paws tracking dirt into your home.

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